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Vijlen, Netherlands

Special Thanks those whose guidance, friendship, and fortuitous assistance have played a significant part in Tom's career:

Bob & Wilma Salisbury, Tom's parents
Allison, Caitlin, & Kristian Salisbury, Tom's children
and Julian Salisbury, grandson

Maestro Benedetto Rizzo (San Pietro Conservatory of Music, Naples, Italy)
Julio Esteban (Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, Maryland)
Paul "Fat Daddy" Johnson (DJ, WSID r&b radio, Baltimore, Maryland)
Sally Salisbury (former spouse, businesswoman, and mother of daughter Allison)
CWO Frederick W. Boots (Commanding Officer, U.S. Continental Army Command Band)
Don Remine (trombonist/singer, club date mentor)
Rayburn Wright (Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York)
CWO Arthur Shettle (Commanding Officer, New York Army Band)
Donald Hahn (trumpet/fluglehorn, whose jazz influence can't be overstated)
Mike Garson (Music Director and keyboardist, David Bowie, et al.)
Mark Springer (singer-songwriter)
Rick Shlosser (Drummer, James Taylor, Van Morrison, et al.)
Bill Graham (concert promoter/manager, Bill Graham Presents)
David Rubinson (manager/producer, The Pointer Sisters, Herbie Hancock, et al.)
The Pointer Sisters (recording artists)
Dick Asher (former president, CBS Records Int'l)
Allen Davis (former president, CBS Records Int'l)
Jorgen Larsen (former president, CBS Records Europe & Universal Music Int'l)
Kristian Lindeman (former A&R, CBS Records Norway)
Ruud Jacobs (bassist & producer, CBS Records Holland)
Kimm Hekker (former spouse, singer and mother of daughter Caitlin & singer-songwriter Kristian)
Hans Tonino (former Managing Director, WEA Records Holland)
Maggie Smolders (former Head of Promotion, CBS Records Holland)
Melissa Manchester (singer/songwriter and recording artist)
Michael Lippman (manager)
Karen Carlson (advertising producer & great personal friend)
Peter Hume (guitarist extraordinaire, arranger and engineer)
Bobbi Vandervort (singer-songwriter)
Peter van Asten (songwriter/producer)
Hans Marx (BMG Music Holland)
Dick Bakker (Music Director, Metropole Orkest, Holland)
Albert van der Kroft (former partner and Managing Director, Polydor Records Holland)
Wilfried van Baelen (owner & audio engineer, Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium)
Davy de Wit (Director, Pop Academy, ArtEZ College of the Arts, Holland)
Peter Leutscher (Director, MediaMusic, ArtEZ College of the Arts, Holland)


Mieke Aerts (spouse & background singer, for her love & patience)